Plugs and molds

The opportunities of the milling machine to turn unique and complex CAD designs into reality are endless. As a plugs & molds provider, BWP can not only tool your product but can deliver final, complex assemblies for your boats.

Plugs & molds: deck, hull, roof, small elements

stainless steel
We create customised dimensions

The plug is the basis for shaping the moulds and tools. It requires a smooth, non-absorbent, non-deformable, solvent-resistant surface. In compliance with the client’s quality requirements, all types of plugs are fabricated manually as well as with a CNC milling machine.
Fabrication of a GRP mould is usually preceded by the plugs. BWP fabricates moulds and manufacturing tools from fibre composites. Their in-house plug and tool mould making department and the use of state-of-the-art technology mean that customer's requirements and individual solutions are developed and achived fast and flexibly. 
Presence of in-house plugs & molds department, is an advantage and makes BWP more competitive on the market and profits in prototyping phase and accelarates the production procees.

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Plugs & molds: deck, hull, roof, small elements