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BWP stands for

Know how and experience

Competitive prices

Qualified and skilled employees

High quality

BWP provides

Laser cutting of metals

Machine bending of pipes and plates

Stainless steel

Yacht fittings

Railings, ladders, rollers, handles

Acid-proof and aluminium elements


Stainless steel (inox) – resistant to all kinds of pollution, corrosion, diluted acids, chemicals and atmospheric conditions.


Acid-proof steel – steel resistant to acids with less power than sulphuric acid. Acid resistance is acquired by stabilizing the austenite under normal conditions.


Properties of stainless steel and acid-proof steel allow BWP to create products resistant to corrosion, acids and weather conditions. Their value added is their brilliant shine.


BWP produces various kinds of elements from stainless steel, acid-proof steel and aluminum:

  • fittings for yachts and motor boats, handrail fairleads, railings, cleats, stern rails
  • elements for cars, machines, brake discs
  • electric generators housing, generators components, electrical boxes
  • railing brackets, glass holders, steel bar holders
  • pipes and profiles plugs, masking rosettes, elbow fittings
  • tanks for fuel, drinking water, litter
  • welding, grinding and polishing of stainless steel
  • handrails, balustrades, balconies
  • wind turbine elements

We design and produce individual projects even within 48 hours. Orders available through B2B form.

Characteristics of our solutions:

  • unlimited range of sizes
  • variety of materials available: powder coated steel, stainless steel (AISI304), acid-proof steel (AISI316)
  • protection level: IP55, IP65, IP66, IP69K


The main activity of BWP Skórkiewicz is production and processing of stainless steel, acid-proof steel and aluminum.

We owe our success to high quality of products achieved through the constant development and investment in new technologies.

BWP was founded in 2011. Today we employ nearly 100 people. Our customers are companies, shipyards and individual clients.

  • Product

    We produce various types of stainless and acid-proof teel and aluminium products, which are characterized by exceptional durability and long life cycle.

  • Ecology

    Stainless steel components do not require additional protection from corrosion and last several times longer than those made of another material. This kind of steel is also suitable for recycling.

  • High quality

    We strive to improve ourselves and our skills, we invest in new equipment such as high-class benders, lathes or machines for laser cutting. We supply the largest Polish producer of sailing yachts Delphia Yachts and global leader in motor boats production BMP (Brunswick Marine in Poland).


Through the use of modern equipment we are able to offer the highest quality products.

We possess the world-class CNC machine. We design our products in to CAD in order to apply it in the process of production.

Laser cutting of plates and metals

Laser cutting provides very high precision and quality of elements’ details. We offer:

  • narrow slot cut
  • precision and recurrence
  • high smoothness of surface and lack of distortion from cutting

The individual valuation of costs is made on the basis of documentation in electronic form (AutoCAD -.dxf, -.dwg). Electronic documentation, drawing of the dimensioned object can be sent by e-mail or through B2B.

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